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I decided to start this series by sharing a detailed guide regarding different opportunities to earn income from the internet, so let’s start with my favorite one, Domaining. Domaining is simple, you buy & sell domains.

Sounds like a ” 25 din mai paisa double scheme ” but it’s not, let’s make that definition clear, you RESEARCH then buy & sell domains, the important part here is the research & that’s how good domainers make consistent income from it & also a full-time job for them. Luck also plays a part in it, you will understand it once we go deep into this topic.

There are almost 100’s of guides on domaining, starting from basics to advanced level, so rather than going with the same process of explaining everything again here, I thought of compiling a resource guide where you can refer to all such articles here. Rather than me explaining the same thing here, I will give a brief about it & an in-depth resource link around that, so you can get all the info.

Note: If you are looking for a step by step process or any spoon feed kind of thing, it’s better to not read any further, as this is just a compilation of different resources & also things I followed & worked out for me are shown here, that doesn’t guarantee that it works for you, so just focus on learning & the rest will fall along.

Starting it out

Let’s start with basics of different types of domains & their classification along with advantages, disadvantages, pros & cons.

Here is a thread from Namepros ( Namepros is a forum where you can get all the info on domains, an active discussing forum, and the option of buy & sell domains. ) Just following this forum regularly will be quite helpful for your domaining career.

GEO domains are something that is kind of beginner-friendly but requires time to be invested in the outreach process, if you have a decent budget you can start with brandable also but I wouldn’t suggest that. Again it depends on the individual, few got success with geo domains at the start & few others with brandable, so try out everything & see which one suits you & are comfortable with.

Regardless of whatever type of domain you want to buy or spend time on research, make sure to give a good amount of time in the research stage rather than buying domains & expecting them to sell. When you are exploring a new field, first explore the field, know how things work, terminology, etc & then start investing in it.

Tools / Guides


There are couple of tools that come in handy in the whole process, don’t jump directly for a paid tool at start, use the free resources, spend time on it, do a couple of sales then spend on paid tools for scaling up.

This a free website where you will get data of all expired domains on daily basis, pending expired domains list ( domains that are about to expire in next couple of days ) along with metrics.

Namebio helps you with the domain sales history, just type the keyword you will get the all domain sales related to that keyword. Quite handy in picking brandable domains & also gives you can idea of the price.

Sales history for vape related domains, sorted by recent sales.

For outbound process, you need email address of prospects to reach out & hunter provides you with decent results scrapping the emails of the particular website, just install the extension & set up, open any website & click on extension to view all the emails related to that site.

In free version, you will have 25 search requests per month.


Start with this webinar on domaining from Pankaj & Rohith. Earning Labs is a FB grp, a community with digital marketer, if possible join that & interact with other members, get solution for your queries. Close to 5 hr duration, this webinar covers everything.

This one is from Noobers grp ( another valuable FB grp, you can find a lot of webinars related to digital marketing ), mostly focused on outbound process & the art of selling geo domains.

Urbanskill is one more channel that has good content related to domaining, check out their webinars ( last year’s ), covering all the aspects regarding domains.

Namepros Guides

I already shared a namepros guide above that explains about basics of domaining. so here are other helpful threads.

Popular Beginners Resources –>

Outbound process for beginners –>

My Experience

When I got into domaining, initially made that same newbie mistakes of buying every random domains in a hope that they will sell one day, bought plenty of domains, spend money on renewing them, finally realizing these domains never sells.

Though my first sales happened, thanks to the auction from domainx, sold a domain for $51. Then invested that amount again & few more sales happened. Still waiting for my first 4 figure sale.

Also experienced the fake offers from DAN ( previously ), finally moved out of that platform.

Lucky to get few offers where I just listed the domain & forgot about it. One of those lucky sales, recently sold a .com domain for $300 ( $65 Godaddy fees though ¯_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯ )

Was occupied with other works, so didn’t focus much on domaining in recent time, hopefully will start again by end of the year.

I Will update this article, if I come across useful resources on domaining, if you have any doubts, feel free to comment or reach out to me on social media platforms. Do join the above groups & get help directly from experts in the field.

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